One stop Junction For All Your Dental Problem

One stop Junction For All Your Dental Problem


Dental health consciousness has evolved over the years. Practicing healthy oral hygiene and people opting for cosmetic dentistry have seen a considerable rise. To make this experience much more satisfactory and smooth, offers an array of services, performed by an experienced set of specialist doctors. As per various researches on, without proper dental care, children and adults are much more at risk for cavities, gingivitis, and other dental problems. Sometimes in severe cases, it can also lead to fatal heart ailments as well. Hence a regular visit to your dentist becomes a must.


Teeth Whitening- Blinking white teeth just enhance the smile. Multiple options like whitening toothpaste, home bleaching does exist in the market, but the professional clinic cleaning ensures proper and long-lasting effect and the sensitivity issue is also taken care off.

White filling- Now a day’s people are highly conscious about the facial appearance, and dental clinics offer aesthetically pleasing filling for the cavities, matching to the enamel shade and is blended to ensure a natural look. These filling are durable and less sensitive to heat and cold.

Veneers- Chipping off, the gap in the teeth, discoloration due to an injury, uneven surface are few of the problems which really affect the smile and human appearance. Veneers which is like a composite or porcelain lamination adhesively bonded on the surface of the tooth. With a considerable life of 7-15 years, these are an excellent option for people to get a makeover.

Orthodontics and Invisalign- These are the most sophisticated and effective option for teeth straightening. Depending on the necessity and dental structure doctors suggest a preferable course of action.

Night and Sports Guard- To ensure the protection of teeth from any damage, custom made night guards and sports guards are the best choices.

Gum Shaping and bone & grafting: Through this highly specialized procedure using best in the art technology, highly skilled doctors help you regain your beautiful smile.

Root Canal procedure and dental implant: Surgical procedures are performed with utmost expertise and care. Since saving an infected tooth is good for dental health, Endodontists perform root canal procedure ensuring oral hygiene with least painful experience. A dental implant is a revolutionary procedure which supports the active lifestyle.

Other varied services offered by dental prosthetics like dental crowns and bridges to maintain the oral health and overall appearance. Periodic dental examination and checkups are encouraged and accordingly follow ups are done. Since painful emergency can happen to anyone during any hour of the day, hence the team at this dental junction is always ready to help and take care of you during a dental emergency like a fracture, injury etc.

Latest technology in the dental care domain is used. Intra oral cameras, digital X-ray and Oral Cancer screening instrument ensures accurate diagnosis of the ailment timely. With sophisticated Photon Soft Tissue Diode Laser and CEREC, CAD/CAM ensure pain-free treatment and faster recovery. Maintaining your oral health is very important and it is advised to have a regular checkup, might be once in every 6 months to keep your teeth in perfect health.

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